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As the founder and chair of the Voting Reform Initiative at the League of Women Voters of the City of New York, Bella occasionally appears in local media as an advocate for voting reform. She is also available to speak about ethics and data science, and she once wrote about powerlifting as applied to Dungeons and Dragons, thereby combining two of her most niche hobbies.


Improving New York's Antiquated Voting Laws, September 2018, In Focus with Cheryl Wills, NY1 News

Efforts to Boost Voter Participation in New York State, January 2018, In Focus with Cheryl Wills, NY1 News

Featured in On the Bus to Albany for Better New York Voting Laws, May 2017, Gotham Gazette

What’s Your Strength Rating in Dungeons & Dragons?, December 2016,

Other Media:

Machines of Love & Grace: Building Truly Inclusive AI, October 2018, Ethical Tech Summit

LWVNYC testimony in favor of instant-runoff voting, September 2018, NYC Charter Revision Hearing (timestamp 1:36:43)